Threat Stack Created a Security Platform for Businesses

Threat Stack is an online security system for businesses that provides a firewall to prevent hackers from breaking in. The company, based in Washington, D.C., has also created an incident response system that reacts immediately if it detects an intrusion. The company provides its customers with a “lightweight agent that can be rapidly deployed to […]

Skit!’s App Lets You Create Animated Stories

Skit!, based in Boston, has created an app that lets anyone take photos and drawings and create an animated story to share online. Robin Johnson pitched the company Thursday at the TechStars Cloud Demo Day at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre in downtown San Antonio. Several hundred people attended the event. Skit! is a member […]

TechStars Cloud’s Plans to Double in Size already has 140,000 people using its web development tools. Founded in 2012, the company, based in Madison, Wisc., makes cloud-based tools that let anyone easily create mobile apps and websites. Max Lynch and Ben Sperry have created two products: Codiqa for mobile sites and websites and Jetstrap for developers. Sperry said he expects up […]

ParLevel Systems Makes Vending Machines Smarter

ParLevel Systems, founded by Walter Teele and Luis Pablo Gonzalez, created a monitoring system for vending machines. San Antonio-based ParLevel installs wireless meters inside vending machines so that operators can generate real-time data on the machine’s inventory. ParLevel Systems gives vending machine operators more information about their customers and products. ParLevel pitched before several hundred […]

San Antonio-based TrueAbility Pitches at TechStar Cloud Demo Day

TrueAbility’s CEO Luke Owen pitched the San Antonio-based company today at TechStars Cloud Demo Day. The company also announced that it has successfully completed its beta program with Rackspace Hosting. TrueAbility has created a cloud-based technical assessment platform that allows companies to assess the technical abilities of their job candidates. Rackspace has been using TrueAbility’s […]