138249-31813f6602a25a4bd607e4686a3f2ebb-thumb_jpgThreat Stack is an online security system for businesses that provides a firewall to prevent hackers from breaking in.
The company, based in Washington, D.C., has also created an incident response system that reacts immediately if it detects an intrusion.
The company provides its customers with a “lightweight agent that can be rapidly deployed to their internal or cloud infrastructure that detects active intrusions and actively records attacker activity and other changes made to the system.”
“At our core we are obsessed with cybersecurity,” said Jason Meller, one of the company’s founders. The other team members are Dustin Webber and Jen Andre.
The company is raising a $750,000 seed stage round and already has $300,000 committed. The company pitched Thursday at the TechStars Cloud Demo Day at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre in downtown San Antonio.

Silicon Hills News Founder Laura Lorek recently interviewed the Threat Stack team.