BIJlRpHCIAE6xPM-2ParLevel Systems, founded by Walter Teele and Luis Pablo Gonzalez, created a monitoring system for vending machines.
San Antonio-based ParLevel installs wireless meters inside vending machines so that operators can generate real-time data on the machine’s inventory. ParLevel Systems gives vending machine operators more information about their customers and products.
ParLevel pitched before several hundred people at the Empire Theatre in downtown San Antonio Thursday during TechStars Cloud Demo Day.
The company was one of the 12 startups participating in the TechStar Cloud accelerator program for the 13 weeks on the 10th foor at Geekdom in the Weston Centre downtown.
All participants have spent that time perfecting their idea with mentors and others. Each team gets $18,000 in seed funding and an optional $100,000 in a debt note. Demo Day puts the startups in front of investors to further fund their initiative.