Austin-based KdT Ventures announced a new $50 million fund to back early-stage science companies.

This is the company’s second fund. In 2017, KdT closed on a $15 million inaugural fund. The firm made 18 investments with that fund in early-stage science companies including PathAI, 54Gene, Checkerspot, Dyno Therapeutics, Terray, and Solugen.

KdT Ventures’ Fund II will focus on making investments in areas such as gene and biological circuit fabrication, novel delivery technologies, biomaterials innovation, and consumer biology. It has already invested in Elegen, Xilis, STRM, Abridge, Dimension Inx, and Andes.

“We believe that science is entering a golden age. We now have the source code to the physical world. Computation applied to biology and chemistry is redefining what’s possible in major industries from chemicals to agriculture to medicine,” Cain McClary, Founder and Managing Partner of KdT Ventures said in a news release. “The great investment of our lifetime is in companies rewriting the physical layer. With Fund II, we will steward the next-generation of science companies that are dramatically changing how the world works, from nano to whole earth scales.”

KdT has made investments in 24 seed-stage companies doing work in ground-breaking areas like synthetic biology and gene therapy. KdT, founded in 2017, has offices in Houston and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

“The KdT team speaks the language of science, making them an outlier in this area of venture investing,” JD Montgomery of Canterbury Consulting, a limited partner in KdT’s first and second fund, said in a news release. “They are passionate about building the science companies of the future that will tackle some of the significant challenges our world faces in the next decade and beyond.”