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QuotaPath, which makes a compensation management platform, announced this week it has raised $3.5 million.

The company, which is based in both Austin and Philadelphia, plans to use the funds to hire more employees and launch the QuotaPath platform to the public during the next three months. QuotaPath’s software allows anyone to track their sales commissions, bonuses, quota attainment, or paychecks.

ATX Seed Ventures, based in Austin, led the investment. To date, QuotaPath, founded in 2018, has raised $5 million. The company first launched its platform last September in a pilot program. And since then, it has seen interest in adopting it from startups and Fortune 500 companies, according to a news release.

A.J. Bruno, formerly CEO and Founder of Trendkite, is now Co-Founder and CEO of QuotaPath.

“I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve done in such a short time and this new investment is going to accelerate what we can do,” Bruno said in a news release. “The next few months are going to be phenomenal.”

“The experienced team at QuotaPath has continued to execute at a high velocity in an underserved space and we are thrilled to continue the journey right along with them,” Chris Shonk, the Managing Director of ATX Seed Ventures, said in a news release.

QuotaPath is a paid software that integrates with existing customer relationship management software, but it also has a free option, Cole Evetts, Co-Founder and COO of QuotaPath, said in a news release.

“We know how stressful it can be to ensure you’re being paid properly and want to make it easier on everyone, regardless of your budget,” Evetts said.