If you’re an entrepreneur, you know getting a small start-up operation successfully up and running requires a watchful eye on the bottom line. Maybe you can spring for a ping pong table in the snack room, but you can’t imagine footing the bill for health insurance for you, your employees and families.

You might be wrong. Done right, health care can provide financial rewards and even help ensure your business’ success.

Want to save money? By purchasing “group coverage” for you, your employees and families, you can claim a tax credit on what you pay, as well as additional tax deductions, saving your business more money. A “group” can be as few as two employees, even husband and wife.

Want to retain good employees? Studies show that workers are more loyal to employers providing health insurance. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have little time to spare to recruit, hire and rehire.

Want to convince the best job seekers to pick you over others who are hiring? Health insurance often is a deciding factor when an excellent applicant decides among several job offers or career paths (particularly if they have families).

Want to increase worker productivity? Employees with health insurance tend to see doctors early when they’re sick, get checkups, exercise, eat better and otherwise pursue “wellness.” That means they’re healthier, take less time off from work and contribute more to your enterprise. Also, productive employees can shoulder more work when demand warrants.

Demands differ at different start-ups, as do workers’ health needs. Before any business leader considers health insurance options, she or he needs to ask the right questions. Start with these:

Questions to Ask When Shopping for Healthcare

How much can I afford? You can’t risk your business’ success and pay too much. Employees appreciate that, too; they wouldn’t want you to risk their job security by paying too much for health care. Look at payroll percentage: how much can you really afford to budget? But keep in mind the tax credits and added tax deductions available when providing group health care.

Pay more up front or when seeing a doctor or seeking emergency care? Primarily, health plans fall into two categories: pay more for the plan and less when you seek medical care, or vice versa. A key question: are you, your employees and their dependents younger (and, thus, less likely to need a lot of care and prescriptions) or older (more likely)? These factors can help in choosing the best option for your company.

Is it better to wait until later this year and look at individual health care plans? If you’re an entrepreneur working alone, that’s an option. But keep in mind you can only purchase insurance during open enrollment which for 2018 is November 1 through December 15.

Can I count on the carrier? Have you ever been so frustrated with an insurance company that you almost (or actually) throw your phone against a wall? Pick one who never seems to return calls or always sends you to an endless phone tree and you’ll likely need to redo this all over again next year…and need to purchase a new phone.

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