Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.07.57 AMVideotape, based in Austin, announced it has released its new iOS app to help people create interactive videos.

The startup created the app’s technology, called Jumpcut, that lets users share videos and receive interactive video responses. Other people can add to the new with new video and audio for up to 40 seconds.

“We wanted to create a product that helps advance the interaction between a video publisher and their viewers,” Stephen Callender, Videotape co-founder and chief product officer, said in a news release. “We see Videotape’s Jumpcut as a significant breakthrough for mobile video interaction. When your video is Jumpcut on Videotape, you get more than just the satisfaction of engagement. You get a new video that includes the faces and voices of your friends and family that is worth keeping and resharing.”

The company sees its customers using Videotape for everything from sports commentary on a great video clip to sharing special family moments with relatives.

The Videotape app is free to download in the Apple App store.

Greg Manriquez, previously the founder of NameDrive, a global domain brokerage and parking firm, co-founded the company, which is backed by Riquez Capital. The other founders include Stephen Callender, previously the co-founder of Stellar Impeller, a design, public relations and events shop; Jay Oh, previously the co-founder of Qwiki, a mobile app that created stories from your video library; Dusty Allen, previously an MLB player for the Detroit Tigers and
 San Diego Padres, financial entrepreneur and real estate developer and Andrew Kramer, previously an associate at a finance company in NYC that specializes in facilitating mergers and acquisitions.