images (13)LawnStarter announced Wednesday that it has landed $1 million in seed round financing.

The Austin-based online lawn care company raised the money to expand into new markets.

The funds came from several angel investors including Rob Taylor, Cotter Cunningham, Pat Matthews as well as venture fund Vayner RSE, headed up by Gary Vaynerchuk.

LawnStarter, founded in 2013, created a platform to easily connect homeowners with lawn care companies online or through a mobile app.

“It’s easy to create a lawn care app, and quite frankly, it doesn’t solve the big problems,” CEO and co-founder Steve Corcoran said in a news release. “The lawn care industry is broken and complex, so it’s important to focus on the operations, industry knowledge, and customer experience as well.”

LawnStarter, founded in the Washington, D.C. area, relocated to Austin last year for the Techstars Austin program. They decided to stay here after the program ended. The company currently operates in the Washington, D.C. area, Austin and Orlando, Florida. They plans to expand throughout the Southwest region by next year, said Ryan Farley, co-founder.

“The demand actually exceeds what we expected, so we’re happy about that,” he said. “This capital will help us acquire additional resources and rock star employees in order to scale our operations while maintaining the amazing service that customers love.”

Silicon Hills News did this story on LawnStarter last year when it launched in Austin.