Photo courtesy of Voice & Exit.

Photo courtesy of Voice & Exit.

Not only is Austin about tech, but it’s also about well-being.

In fact, a huge movement has arisen in the tech community around mindfulness, meditation, fitness and eating well.

Voice & Exit is a day-long event focused on innovation, wellbeing and community building. The conference takes place Saturday at the Austin Music Hall.

It features New York Times bestseller author Steven Kotler, who wrote “The Rise of Superman and John Durant, author of “The Paleo Manifesto.”

Seth Blaustein and Max Borders founded the conference last year and they decided to expand it to a full day event across two venues.

“Austin is an emerging wellbeing hub,” Borders said in a news release. “Austinites are health conscious, open minded, community driven, innovative and eager to expand the boundaries of human flourishing. Voice & Exit celebrates that.”

The conference features three parts: seeds or talks, sprouts or workshops and blooms or performances.
Tickets are available.