1. High-tech salaries in Austin are up since 2020 by nearly 10 percent to an average of $150,026, compared to the average annual salary in Austin of $78,224 for all jobs.

2. Lots of companies have relocated to Austin from California, Illinois, New York, and other states. Today, Austin has 9,565 high-tech companies, up nearly 15 percent in 2021.

3. Austin outpaces the nation when it comes to high-tech industries, which make up nearly 17 percent of all jobs in the Austin metropolitan area, compared to 9 percent nationally.

4. Tech industry job growth in Austin shot up nearly 29 percent in the last five years.

5. Tech industry job growth in Austin grew by 58 percent in the last decade, compared to 19 percent nationally.

6. Today, 184,177 people work in tech in the Austin area, up 4 percent from 2020.

7. Most Austin high-tech jobs are in nonmanufacturing industries, which make up 78 percent.

Source: Austin Chamber of Commerce High Tech Industry Report