Abidali Neemuchwala, coutesy photo

Hypergiant, based in Austin, has brought on board Abidali Neemuchwala, former Wipro CEO, to its executive advisory board.

The addition Neemuchwala, who oversaw $8 billion in revenue and 185,000 at Wipro, is a “vital step in growing Hypergiant into a $1 billion business, according to Ben Lamm, the company’s Co-Founder, and CEO.

“I’ve been so impressed by Abid’s leadership capacity and ability to take a long-term view of the market,” Lamm said in a news release. “He’s a proven, transformational leader who believes in the power of technology to move a company forward and as such, is a core champion of the Hypergiant business and execution model.”

Neemuchwala is also a board member of Virtusa, the Texas Economic Development Corporation, and the World Affairs Council of DFW.

In September,  Hypergiant Industries hired a high-profile executive in the software industry, Mohammed Farooq, as its new Chief Technology Officer and GM Products.

“I really wanted Abid to join the company,”  Farooq said in a news release. “He has extensive experience in enterprise technology and in building platforms that scale to mass adoption.”

Hypergiant plans to provide more information about its AI Services Integration Platform – called Hyperdrive – later this month. The platform will help enterprise companies to better manage the over two hundred and fifty AI services companies and products currently in the marketplace.

“I’m excited by Hypergiant, Ben Lamm and Mohammed Farooq’s vision for a new enterprise AI future. The AI SaaS platform that they are working on is unlike anything I have seen, and I’m thrilled at the potential to help them bring it to market,” Neemuchwala said in a news release. “I can easily see its massive market opportunity and potential for growth.”

Neemuchwala joins leaders like Bill Nye, General Lance W. Lord, USAF (ret), John McKinley, and more who are currently advisors to the high growth startup.

Hypergiant serves clients in space, defense, and critical infrastructure. It has recent partnerships with the United States Air Force and Sumitomo in Japan. Founded in 2018, the company has 200 employees with offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.