Uhnder, a digital automotive chip maker, announced recently that it has raised $45 million in additional funding.

The Austin-based startup has raised more than $145 million in funding to date. Its latest round was led by its newest customer and partner Sensata Technologies. It also included participation by new and existing investors.

Sensate plans to use Uhnder’s digital imaging radar chip in mining, agriculture, aerospace and construction applications.

Uhnder makes digital 4D software-defined imaging radar technology that works better than today’s analog radar technology, according to the company. Uhnder’s technology is used with autonomous vehicles and provides improved resolution and detection capabilities.

“Sensata is pleased to partner with Uhnder as a customer and strategic investor,” Steven Beringhause, EVP and CTO of Sensata Technologies, said in a statement. “Our perception systems will be deployed globally across a range of applications. It’s exciting to support the evolution to higher performance digital radar, enabling our customers to deliver increasing levels of safety in their end applications.”

Uhnder’s technology allows High Contrast Resolution to detect objects better.

“We are pleased to see strong investor and market response to our digital radar product, which will enable our customers to advance mobility to the next level,” Uhnder CEO, Manju Hegde said in a news release. “With HCR, bicyclists, children, or pedestrians hidden by a large object such as a truck or an SUV can be detected early enough for the vehicle to take evasive action.”

“Uhnder’s 4D sensing can quickly detect, track, and generate a digital image of obstacles with precision that hasn’t been seen in the past,” Sven Strohband, Managing Director at Khosla Ventures, lead investor for Series B, said in a news release. “Our investment in Uhnder brings the market increasingly closer to realizing autonomous transportation.”

“The automation of everything, not just vehicles, is upon us,” Ian Ratcliffe, Managing Partner at Sands Capital Ventures, lead investor for Series A, said in a news release. “Uhnder’s ground-breaking digital software-defined radar enables customers to quickly customize their perception stack to the unique features of their application, which I expect will spur a barrage of innovation.”

Uhnder plans to release its flagship product, Voxel, next year.