Ben Lamm, CEO and Co-Founder of Hypergiant Industries

Hypergiant Industries has created a smart helmet prototype designed to keep the military, police, firefighters and other first responders safe.

The space-age helmet, called Project Orion, comes equipped with night vision, infrared, thermal imaging and more. Its display screen also provides users with all kinds of information that might be useful in an emergency.

 “I’ve been long focused on improving the safety of members of our military,” Hypergiant Industries CEO Ben Lamm said in a news statement. “For years, I’ve patented products to help improve the lives of people fighting for our country. Project Orion is, in my opinion, our best product yet, specifically designed to ensure that soldiers and those entering dangerous environments have the tools needed to be kept safe.”

The lightweight helmet is like Google Glass on steroids. It uses augmented reality information overlay and its core function is “to provide shape and object classification and detection, as well as masking and highlight,” according to a news release.

The helmet’s features include 5k resolutions with 200-degree field of vision, high resolution binocular optical input, multiple spectrum sensor arrays including infrared, night-vision, thermal, etc. It has multiple display modes, and features hand tracking and gesture-based input and it can stream video.

The helmet also collects information from mounted sensors and networked data sources. It can integrate with external data sources including GPS data, mission briefing, and more.

 “In times of stress and when lives are on the line, more data is not helpful. What is most helpful is decision-quality integrated information presented at the right place, at the right time. The results could mean more lives saved and mission accomplished!” Lance Lord, a retired four star general and Hypergiant Industries advisory board member, said in a news release. “Hypergiant Industries’ system will match integrated situational information to a decision-maker’s cognitive framework needs. This type of leading-edge technology is what we need to continue to push safety and innovation boundaries.”

The prototype helmet is being considered for development next year.

Founded in 2018, Hypergiant Industries has offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle and Washington, DC.