Companies collect massive amounts of data from their operations every day.

The problem is making sense of the constant stream of information and applying insights from the data to improve business operations.

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences Founders Dave Copps, Chris Rohde and Ben Lamm, courtesy photo.

Today, Hypergiant Sensory Sciences launches with its “mission to deliver human perception at impossible scale.”

The company is creating a software platform that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks to harvest information from data streams collected by companies through cameras and sensors. It will turn that information into actionable insights a company can use to operate better and more efficiently.

Hypergiant Sensory Science’s initial focus will be on the oil and gas industry, the Department of Defense and healthcare.

Austin-based Align Capital led Hypergiant Sensory Sciences’ Series A, which also included Capital Factory, CPG Ventures in Dallas and others.

Hypergiant Sensory Sciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hypergiant Industries. It is led by Dave Copps, Chris Rohde and Ben Lamm. Copps and Rohde previously led Brainspace which built a machine learning platform for digital investigations that sold as part of a $2.8 billion deal with Cystera last year.

“As we looked deeper into this opportunity, we started to see a vision of how emerging technologies like deep learning and modeling software could reshape and amplify our ability to perceive physical environments,” Dave Copps, CEO of Hypergiant Sensory Sciences, said in a news release. “With new learning methods we saw that we could even create learning networks by connecting multiple environments.”

Hypergiant Sensory Science’s core technology uses custom deep neural networks “that combine object detection, classification, and tracking we generate massive data streams containing detailed information extracted from activities occurring across thousands of scenes,” according to the company.

“We founded Hypergiant Sensory Sciences with the goal of taking our expertise in artificial intelligence and unstructured data and applying it to a new area. We were stunned to find that machine perception and sensory search are still green pastures,” Chris Rohde, President of Hypergiant Sensory Sciences said in a news release.

Hypergiant Industries and Hypergiant Sensory Sciences are based in Texas, with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.