CEO and Founder of work well win: Frank Bistrian, courtesy photo.

A new coworking space with a wellness approach: work well win plans to open a 100,000 square foot site in East Austin at a former Motorola campus.

The work well win site is set to open this summer.

It’s one of a handful of coworking sites work well win plans to open nationwide. The company, based in Greenwich, Connecticut, is also opening locations in Santa Monica, Greenwich, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago this year.

Frank Bistrian, the former head of domestic development for WeWork, is the entrepreneur behind work well win. His company official emerged from stealth mode this week and he announced he has raised $22 million in seed stage funding.

What makes the company different is the design of its work space with a focus on wellness. Some of the amenities include air purification systems, soundproof private offices and phone booths, organic local food, advanced water filtration systems, lots of natural light, ergonomic desks and meditation spaces. The coworking company is also partnering with fitness companies to provide access to classes and workout facilities.

Austin is the largest of the coworking sites. The other sites average 25,000 square feet. Work well win plans to open 90 locations in the next five years.

work well win’s Austin location