Ben Lamm, John Fremont and Will Womble, co-founders of Hypergiant, Photo by John Davidson for Hypergiant

Serial Entrepreneur Ben Lamm envisions a future in which artificial intelligence is ubiquitous.

Lamm co-founded Austin-based Hypergiant to fashion that future by working with Fortune 500 companies to create products for the artificial intelligence marketplace.

That might include an autonomous bartender that can craft cocktails on the fly tailored to customer’s tastes.

And it’s not pie in the sky stuff.

Hypergiant, which emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday, has created the robotic bartender, which is in a beta test right now, for TGI Friday’s.

“We want to deliver on the future we were all promised,” Lamm said.

Hypergiant, named after the largest stars in the universe, has grand goals to create products for a whole range of companies in varying industries. Lamm sees it as the leader in the fourth industrial revolution of machine intelligence technologies.

Already the four-month-old startup has 24 employees and a handful of massive clients and it has raised a large seed round of investment, which Lamm declined to provide specifics on. The company is backed by Mythic Ventures, Align Capital, and Beringer Capital.

“It’s the largest raise I’ve done right out of the gate,” he said.

Hypergiant, which has offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston, already has 10 Fortune 500 customers including TGI Friday’s, Bosch and Schlumberger, and six strategic partnerships including Adobe and General Electric. The company is split into three divisions: Hypergiant Space-Age Solutions, Hypergiant Applied Sciences and Hypergiant Ventures.

And Hypergiant has made three investments in Austin-based companies focused on AI including Cerebri AI, Clearblade and Pilosa.

“Hypergiant is a completely new model for a new industry. Under old consulting models, businesses were over-promised AI and all they got was more data wrangling projects and empty vendor commitments,” Lamm said.

Lamm founded Hypergiant with John Fremont, and Will Womble.

In addition to Hypergiant, Lamm is still running Conversable, the company he founded which is a leading conversational intelligence platform with operations in Austin and Dallas. Conversable has 39 employees in Austin and works with 50 of the Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Lamm founded and served as CEO of Chaotic Moon Studios, acquired by Accenture and Team Chaos, acquired by Zynga.

Fremont, chief strategy officer of Hypergiant, previously served as managing director and the artificial intelligence lead for Accenture. Womble is chief revenue officer of Hypergiant. Prior to Hypergiant, he was a managing director and the energy, oil, and gas lead for North America at Accenture.

By the end of the year, Lamm expects Hypergiant will have more than 100 employees. The company will be moving into 12,000 square feet on two floors in the Scarborough Building downtown, which has been completely renovated for the company.