Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, stars in Alexa Amazon Super Bowl commercial.

In Amazon’s Super Bowl ad, there are major hints that Austin is definitely on Amazon’s radar.

Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa, a hardware device that runs on artificial intelligence, is the ad’s star along with Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos.

The ad opens up with a woman in her bathroom brushing her teeth, listening to Alexa.

Alexa says: “In Austin, it’s 60 degrees with a cha…cough, cough.”

Then the commercial breaks to a newscaster reporting that Amazon’s Alexa lost her voice this morning. Then the scene cuts to Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon, talking to his staff who assure him that they’ve got substitutes ready to fill in. Then the commercial shows off a string of celebrities providing commentary and not really being helpful at all to customer inquiries.

The commercial is fantastic. But it’s the opening that has Austin buzzing the morning after the Philadelphia Eagles 41 to 33 victory over the New England Patriots. Austin is in the running along with 19 other cities for Amazon’s second headquarters project that could bring billions in investment and as many as 50,000 high paying jobs. On the Austin Startups Facebook page, someone posted the ad and others speculated whether Amazon was sending Austin a message.

Texas Monthly wrote a story speculating that the entire ad signaled Austin as Amazon’s favorite from the ad’s references to country music and peacocks.

“This ad, in our estimation, bodes poorly for the mayors of nineteen other cities in the running for Amazon’s HQ2,” according to Texas Monthly. “Austinites, meanwhile, should come to grips with the changes to their city and its housing availability, its traffic, and its property taxes. From the clues in this ad, it’s already a done deal.”

And according to USA Today, the Amazon Alexa Loses Her Voice ad won as the best ad of the Super Bowl on its Ad Meter.

Now whether Austin wins Amazon’s HQ2 project, is yet to be confirmed. Amazon has said it will make an announcement some time this year.