Courtesy photo from Press

Nobody likes to do laundry.

But we all need clean clothes and many of us are too busy to fetch our dry cleaning and laundry.

That’s where Austin-based Press comes in. The startup, based at Capital Factory, just raised $500,000 in seed stage funding to expand its business. The company, which began as a Longhorn Startup company at the University of Texas at Austin, raised the money from Rob Taylor, Jonathan Coon, founder of 1-800-Contracts, Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali, co-founders of SpareFoot and Mike Bennett.

Press plans to use the funds to enter new markets.

“We’ve found that people really value their free time, and laundry is one of the first chores that can easily be eliminated,” Ryan Harmon, co-founder and CEO of Press, said in a news release. “The average person can spend up to eight and a half hours per month hassling with laundry, and that’s time you don’t have to waste.”

Founded in 2015, the company already provides service to Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City and Chicago.

“Our model allows us to expand quickly and efficiently, and the funding will allow us to ensure we continue to provide the quality of service customers demand,” Harmon said.

The company has web and mobile phone apps, available for download at the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, that allow customers to schedule pick ups and deliveries from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. All scheduling and payment is handled through the web and mobile apps so customers don’t have to be present for pickup or deliveries.

Press works with local dry cleaners and laundromats to handle order fulfillment.

“A big perk about our service is the fact that your clothes aren’t being exchanged between several hands,” Harmon says. “The people that pick up and deliver your clothes are the same people that are cleaning them, and that means less friction and a better customer experience.”