RealCo, a startup accelerator, plans to launch in San Antonio at Geekdom next month.

The new program is aimed at business to business startups. The 15-month long program focuses on providing networking, capital, mentors and other resources to early stage startups. The program expects to have up to ten startups with rolling admissions on a quarterly cycle. It is currently accepting applications.

Startups in the program have the ability to receive up to $125,000 in funding, co-working space at Geekdom, access to investors, mentorship and other training.

Michael Girdley, co-founder of Codeup and co-founder of Geekdom Fund, is heading up the RealCo team along with Teresa Evans, co-founder of San Antonio Science and associate director of the San Antonio Angel Network and Chris Saum, co-founder and director of business development of MUD Geochemical.

“RealCo will work immediately to support entrepreneurs and collaborate with community leaders,” Saum said in a news release. “We’re looking for early stage Internet- and tech-related seed startups with high growth business models, large target markets, and business-to-business direct sales models.”

The accelerator is also seeking business or community leaders interested in mentoring in the program. The accelerator is set to launch with a party on February 20, at the Geekdom Event Centre.