Blake Yeager, former managing director of the Techstars Cloud in San Antonio. courtesy photo

Blake Yeager, former managing director of the Techstars Cloud in San Antonio. courtesy photo

Techstars Cloud launched in January of 2012 in San Antonio with 11 startups.

Since then, Techstars Cloud has had four graduating classes. The program took a year-long hiatus in 2014 when its managing director Jason Seats moved to Austin to head up Techstars Austin. It returned in 2015 under the director of Blake Yeager, who previously served as a mentor to the program and worked at Rackspace.

But now the program is going on permanent hiatus. Techstars has decided to no longer operate the Techstars Cloud program in San Antonio, according to a statement from Yeager.

“When we first came to San Antonio five years ago, the startup ecosystem was still largely undeveloped,” he said in the statement. “It has come a long way since that time. The city now has more active angel investors, more seed funds, and more infrastructure for startups. We’ve been thrilled to be a part of that.”

Graham Weston and Rackspace brought the program here in 2012. It served as a catalyst for the technology startup community in San Antonio. And it was one of Techstars first thematic accelerators.

But now the “cloud” focus of the program isn’t as relevant, according to Techstars.

“All of our programs around the world, now regularly accept companies building the “Cloud” so we no longer need a specialized program,” according to Yeager. “Instead those companies are applying to our dozens of other accelerator programs around the world, and nearby in Austin. Our partnership with the leadership of the San Antonio startup ecosystem remains in place, and we will continue to run Techstars programs like Startup Weekend and Startup Week in San Antonio. We are also open to the possibility of launching a new accelerator program in San Antonio in the future.”

Yeager has accepted a new role as the VP of Engineering for Techstars. Seats, Techstars first managing director, is now a partner at Techstars. Kara Gomez who also worked at Techstars Cloud is exploring other employment opportunities within Techstars and other companies, Yeager said.