Saatva Mattress, photo courtesy of Google

Saatva Mattress, photo courtesy of Google

Google has issued a report showing it had an economic impact of $8.93 Billion for Texas businesses, nonprofit organizations and website publishers in 2015.

The company reports 141,000 Texas businesses and nonprofit organizations used Google’s AdWords and Adsense tools in 2015. And Google donated $16.3 million in free advertising to Texas nonprofit organizations through its Google Ad grants program.

Google, which opened its first office in Austin in 2007, has 350 employees locally.

Overall, Google nationwide reported $165 billion of economic activity for businesses, website publishers and nonprofit organizations in 2015.

Google’s Texas report also features Austin-based Saatva Mattress, founded in 2011. The online mattress retailer used AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to market its mattresses. The company now has more than 100 employees and two offices. The company reports its sales have increased as much as 300 percent annually.