Steve Guengerich, courtesy photo.

Steve Guengerich, courtesy photo.

By Steve Guengerich
Special to Silicon Hills News

I’m excited to announce that a revised and updated 2016 edition of the Naturally Caffeinated ebook is now available for download.

(For the impatient among you, you can scroll to the bottom for the download link!)

2016 Edition Highlights

  1. Guest Contributors
  2. Whereas the original ebook was only my material, we’ve added guest contributions from other entrepreneurs, as well. These guest contributors include:

    Brett Hurt – founder, Bazaarvoice & Coremetrics

    Tim Magnuson – founder, Concepture

    Gary Hoover – founder, Hoover’s & BOOKSTOP

    Sarah Hernholm – founder, WIT (Whatever It Takes)

    Larry Faragalli – founder, brightly Interactive

    Mike McGee – founder, The Starter League

  3. Print Edition
  4. We’ve printed a limited run of several hundred copies of a soft-back version of the book available, for those that enjoy having a printed copy that they can dog-ear pages, write in, etc.

    If you would like an autographed copy, Contact me through my website and I’ll send you the secure link to order one.

  5. New Beneficiary: Whatever It Takes!
  6. NCThe Naturally Caffeinated series is a pay-it-forward project. Everyone – the guest contributors, the publisher, the sponsors, and me – has contributed their time and treasure to produce it, with the following twin goals: to provide lessons learned and stories of inspiration by experienced entrepreneurs for students of entrepreneurship and first-time founders to donate any proceeds from books sales and other fund-raising raised to programs providing entrepreneurial experiences and education among teenagers.

    For this 2016 edition of The Digest, we are pleased to be supporting WIT (short for “Whatever It Takes”), a southern California-based nonprofit that operates a 6-unit college credit program for teens, providing hands on entrepreneurship training.

    A big “thank you!” to Concepture, brightly Interactive and the Austin office of PwC for their financial support of The Digest, so that we can donate proceeds of sales to WIT.

  7. Outline

The core topics of The Digest cover the essential topics for starting a new venture:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Communications
  • People
  • Management
  • Finance

We continue to be grateful for the early support and reviews for the book we’ve received, like these:

“Your Ebook is now in my iBooks! Awesome pieces of advice!! So many are hard learned.” -Dr. Steve Elmore, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Startup Consulting Services Executive

“A refreshing and effective guide to help jump-start your new venture.” -Dr. Lynette Reed, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) and Author, Researcher, Consultant

“…very well written and seems to hit all the high points of the subject. I applaud your effort and am sure this will be useful to many, many readers.” -Ben Dyer, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, The University of Texas at Austin, Cockrell School of Engineering


The Digest is available to download, at no charge, from the Naturally Caffeinated website.
In addition to being free to download, the ebook is also copyrighted under the Creative Commons Share-Alike copyright. This means that you are encouraged to excerpt, remix, and republish the contents of the ebook, as long as you provide attribution back to us, as the original source.

OUR REQUEST: when you download the ebook, please consider making a donation to WIT, to support entrepreneurship education for teens.