Chaotic Moon's proximity sensing headband. Courtesy Photo.

Chaotic Moon’s proximity sensing headband. Courtesy Photo.

During South by Southwest, Chaotic Moon showed off some of the latest applications created by its research and development team.

Chaotic Moon is known for some outrageous tech displays at SXSW. A few years ago, the studio launched a drone and tasered an intern in its offices.

This year, no interns were tasered. But the company had a lot of new technology products debuting at SXSW. Chaotic Moon is now part of Accenture. It was acquired last summer. The company continues to operate as an independent subsidiary of Accenture.

Chaotic Moon showed off a virtual reality problem solving game involving fire breathing dragons, a virtual reality tour of the Chaotic Moon offices, a mind reading app and smart scrubs called Under Currents that help workers do their jobs better. And a new proximity-sensing headband that can guide people, blindfolded, through obstacles.

The company also demonstrated a smartwatch, equipped with an acceleratometer to capture motion data, that can be used to execute commands like turning on and off lights and turning up or down the volume on a computer.

At its dance party, Chaotic Moon created “Doppledancers” of its guests. The program requires a person to step into a booth for a hi-resolution 3D body scan. Then the software program creates a 3D version of you and programs you with some serious dance moves. It then projected the Doppledancers onto a screen.

In another application, Mockzy Artificial Intelligence creates an avatar of notable public personalities.

And who wouldn’t want XYZ? It’s and application that lets you know when your zipper is down.