clarify-negative-squareAustin-based, which allows developers to search and understand audio and video using a simple API, was selected to participate in Microsoft Ventures’ Machine Learning Accelerator in Seattle.

And Paul Murphy, the company’s founder and CEO, reported in a blog post that the company is not relocating to Seattle.

“We are thrilled to work with some of the people defining this industry,” Murphy wrote in a blog post. “The combination of our approaches and Microsoft’s fundamental research will let us meet our clients’ needs and accomplish things for them that weren’t previously possible.”

Microsoft travelled to 12 cities in the U.S. and Canada and reviewed hundreds of business applications from 50 countries before selecting 10 companies to participate in its machine learning accelerator. The rest of the companies are listed in a Microsoft blog post.

Murphy also reported the company would be renting a houseboat, because it was cheaper than an apartment.

“And yes, the houseboat comes with 4 kayaks, 2 stand up paddleboards, and 2 bikes, so we’ll be getting in shape while the machines figure out what they should be doing,” Murphy wrote.