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IMG_6745Microsoft and Dell have been partners every step of the way since Dell’s founding, said Michael Dell.

And Wednesday, the two companies announced another partnership.

At DellWorld 2015, Dell and Microsoft announced new hybrid cloud solutions. It’s a Microsoft Azure-based hybrid cloud called the Cloud Platform System Standard, the newest addition to the Microsoft’s Cloud platform. It’s built on Dell’s hardware and runs Microsoft’s software.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, joined Dell on stage at the Austin Convention Center for the announcement.

They’ve been working on this for a few years, Dell said.

Customers want cost savings and agility and that’s why many of them turn to a hybrid cloud environment, Dell said. A hybrid cloud is the combination of a private cloud environment with a public one.

The goal is to make the cloud more accessible to organizations of all sizes, Nadella said.

“Dell shares a vision with Microsoft that open architectures and simplified cloud management will benefit customers of all sizes, freeing them to focus on their businesses and not their technology,” Dell said in a statement.

Bloomberg TV Business and Technology Anchor Emily Chang joined Dell and Nadella on stage to quiz the business leaders about their collaboration.

Dell is buying EMC and Microsoft is making PCs, Chang said. She asked Dell and Nadella if they are friends or frenemies.

“We’re absolutely friends,” Dell said. Customers don’t just want one thing, he said. Dell has worked for years with Microsoft on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 into new space with its surface touch technology, Dell said. Microsoft’s prices on its computers are pretty high, and that is where Dell can meet its customers need at a lower price, Dell said.

“At the core we are friends,” Nadella said. “Our friendship is about serving our customers.”

That’s what guides us, he said.

Both companies are stimulating demand for PCs, Nadella said.

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