roikoiROIKOI taps into the wisdom of employees to rate their online networks of friends and associates to help companies find the best employees.

The Austin-based startup has helped its customers, HomeAway, Zenoss, Intouch Solutions and Squareroot recruit employees. The company, founded in 2013, has also raised $1.7 million from angel investors like Brett Hurt, Rob Taylor, Jason Story and Andrew Busey and Capital Factory and SocialStarts.

“ROIKOI helped us get over 4,000 passive referrals from 100 employees, saving us hundreds of recruiting hours by not having to meet each employee individually and then hunt down the referrals’ contact information,” Antonio Busalacchi, HomeAway’s recruiting manager, said in a news release.

ROIKOI plans to make its passive referral platform available Tuesday and plans to publicly demonstrate it at the HR Tech conference next week in Las Vegas.

“Employee referrals are easily the best source of hire, but most tools require employees to kee up with all new jobs openings or spam their networks every time a new job opens up,” Andy Wolfe, ROIKOI’s founder and CEO said in a news release. “We capture the idea behind referrals – that your employees are great at identifying other great people – and make it much easier for employees to engage with.”