mozido5Mozido, a digital payments company, and TabbedOut, an app that lets people pay tabs at restaurants and bars, are partnering to improve the experience of consumers through a mobile application.

Through the partnership, the companies will create a new mobile app that will allow their customers to discover new restaurant locations, join wait-lists, make reservations, order, split and pay bills and leave feedback on their mobile phones.

“Mozido and TabbedOut are improving the way consumers find places to eat and drink, redeem valuable and relevant offers, place their orders, and pay,” Michael Liberty, founder of Mozido, said in a news release. “We are proud to be mobilizing the hospitality industry together with our partner TabbedOut.”

“Mozido is a leader in providing secure, full-featured mobile solutions to Quick Service Restaurants, retail merchants, banks, and mobile network operators enabling them to better serve their customers,” Ben Carolan, executive vice president of strategic partnerships at TabbedOut, said in a news release. “Partnering with Mozido enables TabbedOut to not only be the quickest and most secure way to pay, but also to provide the best way to mobilize the entire restaurant and bar customer experience for our merchants.”