Fertility Startup Conceivable Launches with $800,000 in Seed Stage Funding

Kirsten Karchmer, a fertility specialist and Conceivable's CEO and Founder

Kirsten Karchmer, a fertility specialist and Conceivable’s CEO and Founder

Austin-based Conceivable announced it has raised $800,000 in seed stage funding to launch its fertility program.

The startup raised the funding from a group of investors including former and current patients, successful healthcare executives and former venture capitalists.

Conceivable has created an app, available from the Apple App Store, that can track a woman’s menstrual cycle and health to determine the optimum time to get pregnant. The program costs $199 per month or $479 for three months.

Infertility affects one in every eight couples or 6.7 million couples in the U.S. Kirsten Karchmer, a fertility specialist and Conceivable’s CEO and Founder, created the Conceivable app to meet the need she saw in the marketplace after working for 15 years in a reproductive wellness centers with more than 7,000 patients.

“After working with thousands of couples diagnosed as infertile, we’ve developed a convenient and powerful program that will dramatically improve a woman’s chances of naturally conceiving and carrying a baby to full term – at a small fraction of traditional fertility treatment costs,” Karchmer said in a news release.

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