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courtesy photo

The latest version of StoryPress officially launched Monday, said Michael Davis, the company’s CEO and founder.

“We’ve relaunched as the Instagram of stories,” Davis said.

The two-year-old startup originally began as an app for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices intent on recording family histories and biographies. But it has evolved into an everyday storytelling app, Davis said. With StoryPress’s app, people just speak, save and share their stories on all kinds of social media outlets, he said.

“We made it really quick and simple to tell a story,” Davis said.

StoryPress, which did a successful Kickstarter campaign last year and raised $15,299 from 176 backers, has also raised $500,000 in seed stage financing during the last year, Davis said. The company has four full time employees now, he said.

StoryPress 2.0 entered public beta testing in July and just ended last month.

The StoryPress app is still audio centric but the latest version incorporates pictures, video and other types of media, Davis said.

“The core of a StoryPress story is still someone’s voice,” he said

StoryPress has worked with Austin Pets Alive, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit organizations to help them tell stories of the people and animals they help.