orb of fireThe criteria for being a hot startup in Central Texas is the founders need to disrupt an existing industry and create something compelling enough that people want to open up their wallets and buy their product.
The following ten startups in Austin and San Antonio fit that bill.

In Austin

Makexyz – a 3-D printing marketplace that links people who need something made with 3-D printers to people who have 3-D printers in their neighborhoods. Received an undisclosed amount in an investment from Intel Ventures this year.

The Daily Dot – Aims to be the newspaper of the Internet. The startup media publication launched in 2011 with a $600,000 angel investment and has grown steadily. Earlier this year, the Daily Dot acquired The Kernel, a U.K.-based online publication covering the culture of the Internet.

Silvercar – Founded in 2013, this startup created an App that lets business travellers rent a car – an Audi 4 – without any hassle at the airport. The company has raised $31 million since launch. The service is available in Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix and Denver.

Clarify – has created an API media search platform. Its technology allows people to search through video and audio files easily using keywords. The startup is backed by Projector Capital and angel investment. It was formerly named OP3NVoice , an alumnus of the Techstars London program, Fintech Innovation lab and the BBC Media Lab.

TrustRadius – Founded in 2012, the startup has raised $5 million and has created a platform for software users to review business software products. TrustRadius is used by 100,000 software buyers each month to make more informed decisions. Its directory includes more than 6000 in-depth reviews across 1,635 software products.”‘

In San Antonio

Storific – the company, originally founded in Paris in 2009, has relocated to San Antonio and is based at Geekdom, the downtown coworking and tech incubator. Its app, which is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices, lets people order and pay for food and drinks on their mobile phone.

Codeup – Founded in 2012, Codeup, based at Geekdom, offers 12-week boot camps to teach technical skills to people. It also offers free teen workshops. The startup, founded by Michael Girdley, Chris Turner and Jason Straughan, won the 2014 InnoTech Beta Summit.

WellAware.us – This startup provides a remote monitoring and production management platform for the oilfield. It recently raised $37 million in funding from Billionaire Carlos Slim, Ed Whitacre Jr., former CEO of AT&T and Former Vice President Dick Cheney.

TrueAbility – A cloud-based technical assessment tool for Linux professionals. It’s also a job board for technical positions. The startup, founded in 2012 and based at Geekdom, participated in the Techstars Cloud program and has attracted more than $2 million in venture capital.

Soloshot – This startup, founded in 2012, has created a self-tracking robotic camera on a tripod that allows people to film themselves surfing, skateboarding, skiing, motor biking and more. Soloshot won the InnoTech Beta Summit in 2013. The company has 15 employees and its products are available in more than 200 stores.