gI_59136_Glass with tools scaledPristine, a startup developing healthcare apps for Google Glass, has raised $5.4 million.

Austin-based S3 Ventures led the round, which also included Capital Factory, HealthFundr and several clients. The company plans to use the money to expand its research and development, sales, marketing and operations teams.

“The team at S3 has pioneered cutting-edge developments in medical devices, enterprise health IT solutions, and more,” Kyle Samani, cofounder and CEO of Pristine, said in a news release. “With our rapid growth, we are thrilled to have partners with a strong track record of guiding early stage companies to success.”

Pristine’s first product, EyeSight is a video platform for Google Glass that complies with government healthcare regulations for privacy. The company has since branched out with the application into the pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing industries with applications for support and training.

“Wearable technologies like Google Glass are revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered, and the Pristine platform is the market leader,” Brian R. Smith, Managing Director at S3 Ventures, said in a news release. “Current customers are raving about the product, and we are excited to partner with Pristine to continue innovating in healthcare, as well as remote support applications in other industries.”

“We have deployed EyeSight in ERs, ORs, ICUs, ambulances, and even patients’ homes,” Samani said. “We understand that security is paramount. There is a lot of misinformation about Glass and privacy out in the wild; we have gone the extra mile to guarantee security and control for our clients. Our utmost focus on security will fuel our growth as we scale our wearable communication technology throughout healthcare and across other industries.”