35004_451312938276399_2036029412_nGreen & Grow, an agriculture technology startup, has raised $6 million in Series B funding and struck a new partnership with Otter Capital.

“Since our first meeting, we have been impressed with Otter Capital’s knowledge and commitment to the biological product space,” Alan Sobba President and CEO of GGI, said in a news release.

The funding will give Green & Grow the money and added expertise to “accelerate the commercialization of our Agriplier technology which can improve yields and early season vigor across multiple crop types,” according to Gregg Spivey, company spokesman.

Green & Grow recently relocated from Arizona to Austin.

“Relocating Green & Grow Inc. to Austin was an important step in taking the scientific research underlying our biologically derived agricultural products to the next level,” according to Spivey. “We were able to hire an excellent researcher from the University of Texas, Dr. Marsha Lewis, to head up our laboratory team and continue to partner with UT in our fundamental research as well as working with Texas A&M to conduct agricultural trials to demonstrate the benefits of our products in the field. GGI is proud to be a new member of the Austin start-up community.”

Green & Grow makes a line of Agriplier products to provide “non-living, nontoxic, microbe derived by-products.”