images-5Makexyz, a startup in the 3-D printing industry founded by employees, landed an investment this week from Intel Capital.
The company can’t disclose the details of the funding or the amount, Nathan Tone, one of the co-founder, said in an email. Chad Masso is the other co-founder.
“Our goal is to help people make stuff,” Tone said. “And Intel’s investment strengthens our opportunity to help people make stuff at a significant scale. With a quickly growing, global network of 3-D printers, a lot becomes possible.”
Silicon Hills News did this Q&A with Tone last year.
Intel Capital also invested in CGTrader, another 3-D printing company.
“3-D printing is changing the way individuals and businesses give life to ideas,” Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and executive vice president of Intel Corporation, said in a news release. “We’re seeing the impact of this technology on numerous industries, including manufacturing, medical, retail and consumable goods, among others. CGTrader and makexyz will drive the development of the ecosystem.”
Makexyz is a 3-D printing marketplace that links people who need something made with 3-D printers to people who have 3-D printers in their neighborhoods.