imgres-4Op3nvoice, which recently moved to Austin from London, has been named among the FinTech50. The award, founded by FinTechCity in London, recognizes companies that disrupt the financial services industry with their technology. Op3nvoice, which is a finalist for SXSW Accelerator, has a platform that makes recorded data searchable. Among other this helps companies—including those in financial services—use customer and other calls to find and verify data about transactions.
“It’s a big deal,” said Op3nvoice co-founder Richard Newton. “Not just for us but also for what it says more broadly about IT services in Wall Street, Frankfurt and the City of London. You know, these IT departments are, quite rightly, heavily fortified… innovation was slower to come because external innovators couldn’t easily get past the guards. The world moves faster now. And this sort of award recognizes that the financial services sector is really opening up to innovation from around the world. And that’s because the challenges faced by the sector are so enormous that it needs to scan the world for the disruptive technologies and it’s ever more likely that these will be found within new startup companies like ours. So Wall Street, Frankfurt and Wall Street are now interested in a startup in Austin. That’s pretty cool.”