imgresSouth by Southwest Interactive announced the bulk of its SXSW Interactive 2014 programming on Monday.
Then at 2 p.m., Hugh Forrest, its director, did a “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit.
Other SXSW Interactive team members joining him included Shawn O’Keefe, Kelly Krause, Todd Hansen and Sarah Garcia.
The session included 59 comments and ran the gamut from people asking for first timer tips to someone asking about Forrest’s opinion on Ben Affleck as Batman. (Forrest said they should wait before casting anyone as Batman.)
A guy travelling from Ireland asked for some first timer tips. Krause pointed him to the SXSW Interactive’s first timers guide.
Another guy asked about whether his panel had any chance of making it in the second round announcement.
“We will be making a second, albeit much smaller, content announcement on Monday, November 11,” Garcia said. “Between now and our second announcement we will be evaluating where our overall program has room to grow and beefing up those themes accordingly. We also build in room for late breaking trends in the industry, so there’s still hope. That being said, everyone should have a final status to them by Friday, October 25.”
Someone asked what has contributed the most to SXSW Interactive’s success in getting so many people involved with the festival.
“Much like improve comedy, we try to say “yes” to as much as possible,” said O’Keefe.
“Yes, SXSW Interactive is a community-powered event,” Forrest said. “So much of that community involvement comes via the SXSW PanelPicker. The bulk of programming in today’s announcement comes via the PanelPicker interface.
To read the rest of the session, visit Reddit.