Lean_AustinOne of the great things about being a startup entrepreneur in the Austin and San Antonio region is there are tons of resources to help with the venture.
One of those is Lean Startup Machine, based on the ideas from Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup book. The lean doesn’t mean eating ramen noodles and sleeping under your desk. Instead, the book and movement draw from principles gleaned from the Toyota Manufacturing process and other companies as outlined in Lean Thinking, a book by James P. Womach and Daniel T. Jones. The idea is to eliminate waste and to adapt quickly to a changing marketplace.
The Lean Startup Machine is coming to Capital Factory the weekend of Sept. 27-29th. It is a three day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to start a company, said Joseph Lopardo, the event’s organizer.
“We have some amazing speakers and mentors including Joshua Baer, Erica Douglass, Josh Kerr, Jason Cohen, Jacqueline Hughes, Jeff Harbach and so many more,” he said.
So far, Lean Startup Weekend has held 140 workshops around the country, Lopardo said.
“It’s a very hands on workshop,” he said. “It’s a really good way to connect with people in the community.”
The early-bird tickets have already sold out. But readers of Silicon Hills News can sign up and get a 10 percent discount off a ticket price with the promo code “SiliconHills.”