images-8San Antonio was one of four cities nationwide to participate in a livestream city to city town hall to discuss the need for immigration reform.
Austin also held a virtual town hall along with New York City and San Francisco.
An immigration reform bill is currently pending in the U.S. Senate. Among the issues being considering is the expansion of the H1-B Visa that allows companies to hire highly skilled technical talent from other countries. The H1-B Visas are currently capped at 85,000 per year and the bill would expand that to 110,000 per year.
Several politicians, heads of chambers, technology industry executives and others gathered in the Silver Fox Studios Wednesday to broadcast live on the Internet a program about the need for immigration reform. And a call to action to encourage viewers to contact their representatives and senators to express their support for immigration reform.

Full disclosure: I participated in the March for Innovation and I’m in favor of expanding the H1-B Visa program and for immigration reform.