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e86bef25-d120-4e7f-bd5e-aae916500596_640x360Has your internet ever gone down? Of course it has. To fix it, you probably had to “power cycle” your modem and router – which essentially means turning them off and on in the right order. Depending on where all the wires connect, this can be a real pain.
The Amazing JellyBean fully automates this process with the press of a single button. Created by former Time Warner Cable technician Jim Pyle, the device plugs into both your modem and router and restarts everything in the correct order to get your internet back up. According to Pyle, 80 percent of all connection problems can be fixed by power cycling the modem and router. Pyle has also completed a Bluetooth compatible prototype with the help of Biplab Pal from India. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, users will be able to activate the JellyBean with their phone without ever leaving their computer.
Pyle is funding the first round of production with a Kickstarter campaign that raised $13,968. This will fund the development of the first of 2000 Amazing JellyBeans, which Pyle will sell by partnering with startup friendly retailers.

Full disclosure: The Amazing JellyBean is an advertiser with Silicon Hills News.