imagesThe mysterious invitation from Google began to show up in email boxes on Thursday. The invitations were delivered to members of the press and leaders in the business community.

You’re Invited.
You are a leader here in Austin. Every day, your work and contributions help make our community better and stronger. That’s why we want you to be one of the first to hear about something new coming to Austin. Please join Google and the City of Austin for an announcement on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 9th
Doors open at 10:30am
Program starts promptly at 11:00am

Google, which has more than 150 people at its Austin campus, is not commenting or providing any further details about the press conference.
But GigaOm, VentureBeat and CNet have all written articles speculating that the news could be about Google Fiber network might be coming to Austin. The network which is currently only available in Kansas City, delivers 1 Gigabit broadband upload and download speeds to the home. Google has said it plans to roll the service out to additional cities, but did not provide any timetable or additional information.
The Austin Business Journal is also reporting that the Google fiber announcement will be made next week, quoting unnamed sources.
VentureBeat reported that the addition of the Google Fiber Network to Kansas City last July has ignited that city’s startup industry. That’s one reason economic development and technology industry leaders want to see the network come to Austin and just on down the highway, San Antonio.
But no one knows for sure what the announcement might be. It could be a Google expansion in Austin or a new product line here. So speculation will continue until Tuesday when Google will reveal everything.

Here’s Austin’s promo video from 2010 designed to encourage Google to put its high-speed fiber network in Austin.