2745-3-time-warner-cable-smart-homeTime Warner Cable launched its IntelligentHome, a security and home management system, this week in Austin and San Antonio.
And the team developing the project in Austin was formerly uControl, which merged with iControl in November of 2010. The iControl Cable Division locally has grown from 25 employees to 60 employees in the last three years, said Jim Johnson, the founder of uControl, who now heads up the Austin office.
iControl, based in Redwood City, and founded in 2004, has raised $120 million and is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and has 120 employees. The company has developed home security and control systems for ADT, Comcast, Cox, Rogers in Canada and Swisscom in Europe.
“The ability to do all this stuff has just happened in the last few years,” Johnson said.
Time Warner’s new home management and security system allows customers to access their home controls anywhere and anytime through the Internet, their smart phone or an iPad app.
The company’s camera feeds allow homeowners to keep tabs on pets and children or to monitor their homes while they travel. They can also change light settings remotely.
“The consumer awareness is hitting a tipping point on this technology,” Johnson said. “People aren’t going to buy normal home security systems anymore. It’s just going to be expected that they have intelligence systems and remote controls built into them.”