Cinegif has struck a partnership with PulseConnect to bring high-quality animated GIFs to their client’s email marketing campaigns.
Under the partnership, Cinegif will license its patented technology to convert and compress video clips and still images into professionally looking animated GIFs. Austin-based Cinegif’s video conversion software reduces file size and makes sharing short videos easy. The company has three patents on its technology and one more pending. The animated GIFs play on any browser.
PulseConnect plans to offer Cinegif’s animated GIF technology to its customers as a way to create unique and visually appealing e-mail campaigns.
“The animated GIF is experiencing a “rebirth” as teens and artists are breathing new life into this twenty-five year old standard image format,” according to Graham McFarland, Cinegraf’s CEO. “The GIF trend is beginning to go main stream as big name brands such as Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, Adidas, MTV, and Burberry are using animated GIFs as part of their digital advertising and social media strategies.”
“Cinegif’s unique technology fits nicely with our client platform and helps deliver more visually appealing content for our clients,” Damian Borichevsky, VP of Professional Services PulseConnect, said in a statement.
Silicon Hills News did this story on Cinegraf this summer.