Rackspace’s cloud is getting cloud-based email services.
San Antonio-based Rackspace announced today its purchase of Mailgun, a Y Combinator startup based in San Francisco.
Rackspace recently launched its Open Cloud and this acquisition will further enhance its product portfolio, Mailgun makes it easy to “integrate cloud-based email services into applications and websites within minutes.”
“Rackspace is dedicated to providing the tools that our customers need to build their technology stack on the Rackspace Open Cloud,” Pat Matthews, senior vice president of corporate development at Rackspace, said in a news statement. “Mail is a core component of nearly every website and application today. Our customers are asking for this and Mailgun is the right company to help us deliver it in a tightly integrated way.”
Mailgun’s customers include 37Signals, Parse, Financial Times and many others.
“Mailgun is excited to join the Rackspace family. We believe in their open cloud strategy and we love the customer support mentality that permeates the company,” Ev Kontsevoy, CEO and founder of Mailgun said in a news release.