TrueAbility Team photo at the Weston Centre — with Dusty Jones, Luke Owen, Frederick Mendler and Marcus Robertson. Photo courtesy of TrueAbility

A new tech startup in San Antonio seeks to change the way companies hire technical talent.
TrueAbility, a cloud-based technical assessment tool can help hiring managers and recruiters assess technical skills of job candidates, said Frederick Mendler, one of the company’s cofounders and its CEO.
It puts “candidates in a real environment to test their practical know-how,” he said. “TrueAbility™ eliminates the use of resume key word searches and written tests.”
TrueAbility, which is based at Geekdom in the Weston Centre in downtown San Antonio, just launched its new website. It is targeted at companies looking to hire technical staff. The site features a product demonstration and more information about the company’s services.
“In most of the case studies TrueAbility performed, the IT recruiting cycle has over five steps,” Co-Founder Marcus Robertson say in a news statement. “It takes many weeks to get through it all. TrueAbility, in many cases, removed at least three of the steps–giving recruiters the ability to screen more.”
TrueAbility lowers the cost to hire new technical talent and helps assess job candidates abilities more accurately, he said.
In addition to Mendler and Robertson, other TrueAbility founders include Dusty Jones and Luke Owen. All of the founders are former employees at San Antonio-based Rackspace Hosting.