A new startup resource, Napkin Venture launched in Austin this month and aims to help entrepreneurs find services and solve problems.
The startup will help all types of entrepreneurs.
Napkin Venture will offer business classes on a variety of topics including business models, marketing, funding and how to pitch. The project sounds similar to what Startup America is doing on a national level.
Former city council candidate Tina Cannon, founder of PetsMd.com, is leading the venture along with a team of experienced entrepreneurs, designers, attorneys and others. They include Raúl Calvoz, a lawyer turned business executive, Chuck Miller, an entrepreneur, inventor, graphic designer, photographer, marketing guru, and musician and Eve Richter, who founded the Emerging Technologies Program in the Economic Development Division at the City of Austin.
“I’ve been there, done that, have the t-shirt,” Cannon said in a news statement. “I’ve struggled out there and learned my lessons, and want to help other startups to avoid some of the mistakes I made, and get on the fast track to success. I’m excited to finally realize my goal of helping entrepreneur dreams become reality.”