Damon Clinkscales recently complied this list when he tweeted out a question to the Austin high-tech community asking for recommendations of the top people to talk to about the Austin startup scene.
I agree with all the recommendations. My list in Austin is as follows:

Josh Baer, founder of multiple companies including OtherInBox, Capital Factory and author of Austinpreneur.
Jason Cohen, founder Smart Bear Software, founder of Capital Factory and founder of WP Engine.
Damon Clinkscales, software engineer and founder of AustinOnRails.
Bill Boebel, founder of Webmail.us, angel investor and manager at Capital Factory.
Julie Huls, president of the Austin Technology Council.
Bryan Menell, director of the Collaboratory at Dachis Group, founder of AustinStartup.com and the monthly High Tech Happy Hour.
Josh Dilworth, founder and CEO of Jones-Dilworth, Inc., an early-stage technology marketing firm.
Kevin Koym, entrepreneur and founder of Tech Ranch Austin.
Eve Richter, emerging technologies coordinator at City of Austin/Economic Development
Robert Reeves, founder at Datical, cofounder of Phurnace Software and formerly director of IT and Wireless at the Austin Technology Incubator.
Jeff Harbach, executive director of Central Texas Angel Network
Rudy Garza, angel investor and founder and managing general partner of G-51, also known as TexasSuperAngel on Twitter.
Andrew Busey, successful serial entrepreneur, now venture partners with Austin Ventures.
Jacqueline Hughes, founder of Austin Startup Week
Laura Beck, owner of StripedShirt and seasoned technology PR professional who knows everyone.
Lori Hawkins, veteran technology reporter at the Austin American Statesman. She pens the Starting Blog.
Bob Metcalfe, co-founder of Ethernet, 3Com, professor of innovation at UT and cofounder of 1SemesterStartup.

Austin has a thriving high-tech startup scene. So many people contribute to the collaborate environment in the city and that makes it tough to name just a few.
In fact, I was just interviewed for an article in Fast Company Magazine on the startup scene in both Austin and San Antonio and I listed many of the people on Clinkscales list. But I also told the reporter that it was tough to make up a list because so many people in Austin help startup entrepreneurs.
I also listed the top people for the San Antonio area. They are as follows (and again I know I will leave off important people so please list them in the comments sections to add to this list.)

Graham Weston, chairman of Rackspace, founder of Geekdom and investor in lots of startup companies.
Pat Condon, founder of Rackspace, supporter of Geekdom and angel investor in startup companies.
Dirk Elemendorf, founder of Rackspace, supporter of Geekdom and angel investor in startup companies.
Jason Seats, founder of Slicehost, managing director of TechStars Cloud and angel investor.
Alan Weinkrantz, high-tech public relations professional who runs his own firm and splits his time between the startup scene in San Antonio and Israel.
Dr. Luz Cristal Glangchai, assistant professor and associate director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Trinity University and manager of 3DayStartup San Antonio.
Nick Longo, founder of CoffeeCup Software and director of Geekdom, a collaborative coworking space for high-tech entrepreneurs in downtown San Antonio.
Vid Luther, founder of ZippyKid, a WordPress hosting site.