In this fast-paced digital world everything has to be done at microwave speed.
First, Speed Dating took off connecting couples everywhere. The business, Speed Dating, claims to be the fastest growing dating site with more than 16 million members.
Speed dating, which can be traced back to its founding in California in 1998 according to Wikipedia, is a format in which a large number of single people meet each other in a round robin fashion in quick intervals.
FounderDating works in a similar fashion. And it makes sense that startup founders, keen to the latest trends, have adapted the speed dating format to meet up with potential co-founders and business partners for their high tech ventures.
FounderDating officially announced today that it’s expanding to the Austin area known as Silicon Hills and Los Angeles, which is known as Silicon Beach.
Austin’s technology visionary Damon Clinkscales is heading up the Austin event as the managing director locally for FounderDating. Bill Boebel and Joshua Baer are also listed as friends of FounderDating.
The Austin event is May 23rd, but you’ve got to apply by May 15th.
In addition to Austin and Los Angeles, FounderDating offers events in San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Boston. Read more about FounderDating in its latest blog post on the Austin expansion.