In Memory of Scott Robinson, a Huge Supporter of Austin’s Tech Industry

IMG_0811At most technology events I’ve attended in Austin during the last two years, I would see this tall handsome guy.
His name was Scott Robinson.
He was always impeccably dressed and extremely nice. Robinson, in addition to his job as vice president at, served as the Austin Chair for The Startup America Partnership. He tirelessly championed the Austin technology startup scene. He was a huge supporter of RISE Week, the week focused on free entrepreneurial sessions put on by Claire England. He wrote this post on RISE for Startup America.
It came as a shock Tuesday to find out Scott Robinson suddenly died over the weekend. Few details are known at this time.
The visitation is Thursday evening from six until eight at Beck’s Funeral Home in Cedar Park and the funeral service will be Friday at 1 p.m. at Redeemer Lutheran on Anderson Lane.
A few weeks ago, I met Scott in his office and we talked at length about Austin’s startup technology scene. We were planning on collaborating on an event together. He had great ideas and vision. We were going to meet again on Friday, but when that didn’t work out, we were going to meet this week. It seems like everyone just saw Scott somewhere.
IMG_0785Scott also organized Steve Case’s visit to Capital Factory recently. And he organized an event with technology leaders at National Instruments to meet with Senator Ted Cruz. He always made sure to put me on the guest list.
Scott also served as a mentor and producer of TedXYouth@Austin, the first local Tedx event geared to kids, held last March in Austin. He told me he got involved because of his own kids. He had twins, Joshua and Sophie.
Scott will be missed immensely. He was a huge asset to Austin’s technology community. He was also a wonderful guy. And I am so saddened by the news of his death. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
Scott’s obituary is listed on His family asks that “in lieu of flowers the James Scott Robinson Memorial Fund located at Wells Fargo bank will be available for donations to benefit Joshua & Sophie Robinson.”

And one of Scott Robinson’s last tweets.


  1. I’m stunned by this terrible news. He was an enthusiastic evangelist for Exploration Nation. @jsratx, you will be missed.

  2. This is super sad and unexpected news. Scott was a great friend, and a really amazing guy…. :-(=
    R.I.P. Scott…

  3. Scott was such a good person. Always happy to see a friend find success. Always there to help or make an introduction. I just saw him last week, and he was as generous as always. I had tweeted that thing about him being a “giver” as it just stood out to me how he always wanted to help other, connect others, etc… I am thinking about how a great tribute to Scott would be to go do something helpful, selfless and generous to someone else.

  4. Jaime Thomas says:

    I just saw this on my LinkedIn feed, and I am shocked at this terrible news… I had not heard anything about it until now. Scott was a wonderful mentor, networker and business man. The Austin community will definitely miss him. RIP

  5. Truly saddened to learn about this, last saw him about a week ago at the Hurt and Harbach event. RIP Scott.

  6. Rest in Peace, Scott, really sorry to hear this news.

  7. Wow. What a loss for the community. Scott was a great resource when I came to Austin, always eager to grab a beer, make introductions and spend time helping me get settled. He will be missed. RIP.

  8. Steve Barcik Amstel says:

    You will be missed….

  9. I don’t know really where else to put this so I’m just leaving it here because it’s as good of place as any. Scott…man…I’m sorry that since July, JULY, we have been going back and forth, playing phone tag on getting together for a drink. First you canceled, then I did, then you were out of town, then I was…you even texted something like, “ worries, not like either of us is leaving Austin any time soon.”

    We weren’t tight friends, but rather good acquaintances. I can’t imagine how the people close to you feel…knowing that I’m as sad as I am…and we really only ever bounced ideas off each other and chatted at happy hour or the occasional lunch about tech and startups and sometimes how crazy it was to be a parent…how terribly pained those who you chatted with on a daily basis…about more than just bus & mktg plans on the back of a cocktail napkin. My heart goes out to your kiddos who you clearly adored, your girlfriend who I never got the chance to meet, but you spoke fondly of, and your family & close these people will feel the greatest lost from your absence.

    I will be better about being available for the people & community around me…there IS time…there is always time. Because…life is – in fact – NOT short…it’s the longest damn thing any of us will EVER do. But what it’s not, is infinite.

    There is a bit of a hole in austin right now buddy…you are truly missed. It shows the merit of the man you were and will always be remembered as. Cheers man…

  10. Scott and I met at the Startup Texas event I helped put on. Over a year later I celebrated with him as he accepted the position of Chair. During our entire relationship, there was not one day spent together that he did not speak as passionately about the Austin business community as his friends knew him to. I can promise you this was genuine. Tweeting, emailing, reading at all hours – all that you knew of Scott was genuine and true. He woke early in the mornings excited to connect with people. He loved Austin more than anyone I’ve ever met, and he helped shape how I see it and want it to be. When I left Los Angeles and moved to Austin not knowing a single soul, I did so because I wanted community. Scott was a big part of giving me that gift. I will live in gratitude for the rest of my life for this and hope we can all honor the best of who he was. Thank you, Laura, for writing this. He spoke fondly of you after your last meeting.

    • Jenn,
      I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain felt by all of his friends and relatives. He will be missed and he already is being missed. He left a huge void in the community. I wished I had known him longer and that he was still here. We should set up the James Scott Robinson Spirit Award and every year we should hold a party and bestow it upon someone in Austin’s tech community who goes out of their way to help others.


  11. I met Scott over 3 years ago to work on a biz project together and we instantly became friends. We met up often and shared laughs and advice. His last text to me was right before I left the country aug 30- blaming me for his new found appreciation for Duck Dynasty. I was sad to return to unanswered texts — i figured it was because he was busy changing the world. Scott- you were a true friend, thank you for making my life better. He has spoke foundly of many of you that have posted. All of you and Scott are in my prayers. God Bless.

  12. It took 3 months for me to see a real difference,
    scars not as deep as before and so they have been lightened a bit.

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