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Startech Foundation Accepting Applications for Texas Emerging Technology Fund

The Startech Foundation, based in San Antonio, serves as the South Texas Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization, and in that role it is accepting applications from South Texas startups seeking financing from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.
That state fund provides early stage seed funding for technology startups, university faculty and others that have an emerging technology ready for commercialization.
“The state of Texas has about $50 million from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund to invest into Texas innovation startups in the next 15 months,” Jim Poage, president and CEO of Startech, said in a statement. “With almost $43 million already invested into South Texas, several companies and universities have already taken advantage of the available funding from the ETF, more should do the same.”
To apply, please contact Erica Amaya at Startech at 210.458.2713 or ea@startech1.org for more details. The application deadline is midnight on July 24.

$80 Million Texas Emerging Technology Fund Available to Tech Startups

San Antonio-based Startech Foundation is now accepting applications to the Texas Emerging Technology Fund from south central Texas based technology startups.
The program is aimed at providing seed stage funding for technology startups, university faculty and others focused on emerging technology.
“Funds may be used for any legitimate business purpose but the primary focus of the fund is to facilitate those technologies that are ready to come off the lab bench and get into the marketplace,” Jim Poage, president of Startech, said in a news statement.
Companies interested in applying should contact Erica Amaya or at 210-458-2713 for details. Startech will be accepting applications until 11:59 p.m. on April 17.

San Antonio-based BiO2 Medical raises $13.7 million

San Antonio-based BiO2 Medical announced it has raised $13.7 million.
The medical device maker also converted a $1 million State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund investment in its latest founding round.
San Antonio’s Targeted Technology Fund and BiO2 Medical’s investment bankers Pasadera Capital led the investment.
The financing gives the company the ability to complete design testing of its catheter and launch a human clinical study in Colombia.
“This Series B funding has been instrumental to the recent successes of BiO2 Medical, and specifically the Angel Catheter program,” Christopher E. Banas, BiO2’s chairman and CEO, said in a news statement.
“BiO2 Medical’s Angel Catheter, named after its inventor and BiO2 Medical’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Luis F. Angel, is a central venous catheter and Inferior Vena Cava filter combination device, intended to protect against potentially fatal Pulmonary Embolism in critically ill patients,” according to the company.

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