Making It Through the Valley of the Shadow with Reid Hoffman

By LAURA LOREK Founder Silicon Hills News Running a startup is like running a marathon, entrepreneurs need to know they are in for a long race and they’ve got to give it everything they’ve got. “Startups are walking dead,” said Reid Hoffman, co-founder of SocialNet, PayPal and LinkedIn and partner with Greylock Partners. “The classic […]

Six Tips from MC Hammer on Entrepreneurship at Startup Grind

By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Known as an entertainer, entrepreneur and humanitarian, M.C. Hammer also adopted social media tools early on. Hammer tweeted before most celebrities knew Twitter even existed. During meetings with Twitter’s founders Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey, Hammer explored the emerging world of micro-blogging with his fans. […]

Startup Grind Features Graham Weston of Rackspace

Graham Weston, co-founder and chairman of Rackspace Hosting, grew up in the greater San Antonio area. At his first job, he worked in his dad’s cookie plant balancing the books from delivery drivers and occasionally packaging cookies. His dad owned Grandma’s Cookies and later sold the company to Frito Lay. Weston’s first venture into entrepreneurship […]

Phunware’s Alan Knitowski Calls it Like He Sees It at Startup Grind Austin

By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Alan Knitowski calls it like he sees it, letting fly his controversial perspectives that: Austinites bootstrap too much, entrepreneurs interested in work/life balance need to “grow up” and he would happily rail on the entire group of investors at Austin Ventures to their faces. The investor, serial […]

Startup Grind San Antonio Launches Featuring Interview with Jason Seats

Startup Grind, based in Mountain View, Calif. seeks to foster entrepreneurship through storytelling. Derek Anderson founded Startup Grind, which now has chapters in 40 cities and 20 countries around the world. One of the latest chapters is Startup Grind San Antonio. The values of Startup Grind are important ones to foster an entrepreneurial environment. “We […]

Lessons for Startups from Startup Grind 2012

BY L.A. LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News At Startup Grind 2013, the entrepreneurs and funders tell it like it is. They don’t sugar coat their messages. And that’s refreshing in a startup environment where everyone seems to have something to pitch and everything is going to disrupt and revolutionize an industry. Derek Anderson, the […]

Startup Grind Meeting July 26th Featuring ATI Director

At the SXSW Panel Picker meetup earlier this week, I met Andi Gillentine. She’s cofounder of Whit.Li, a startup focused on mining social networks to compile personality reports. Gillentine is also director of Startup Grind Austin, which has a meeting on July 26h featuring Isaac Barchas, the director of the Austin Technology Incubator at the […]