Silicon Hills News Launches a Kickstarter Campaign

This week, Silicon Hills News launched its first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to create a slick print magazine to be released at South by Southwest Interactive. At SXSW, Silicon Hills News is hosting a startup pitch competition in conjunction with the Austin Technology Incubator. We plan to distribute the 32-page color magazine at the SXSW panel. […]

WigWag Wants to Help You Make Your House Smarter

Want to know about the future of home automation? Then check out WigWag, an Austin-based startup that has created a home automation system based on smart sensors. The sensors can adjust lighting depending on the time of day and automatically start the coffee pot in the morning or turn up and down the thermostat. “WigWag […]

San Antonio-based Soloshot Raises $53,000 Plus on Kickstarter

Occasionally I stumble across a Kickstarter product and I slap my head and say “I wish I had thought of that.” Of course, I wouldn’t have thought of this one because I’m a photographer who faces many challenges in life like taking a photo without the batteries dropping out of my cheapo camera. But I […]

Uberpong’s Ping Pong Paddles Feature Austin Artists

As a kid, I played countless games of Ping Pong in my uncle’s recreation room with my brothers and cousins. Now I’ve got a kid, and we play Ping Pong too. But in all those years, the paddles still look the same: green and brown. Now Uberpong seeks to change that. They want to make […]

Austin-based Jumpshot launches on Kickstarter and raises nearly $100,000

A startup software company, Jumpshot, has successful raised $98,255 on Kickstarter to create a software program to clean up the hard drive of PCs and combat malware and viruses. Its Kickstarter program exceeded its $25,000 goal and still has more than 40 days to go. The software comes on a really cute USB stick and […]

Austin Hacker Creates Apollo Armband Solar Generator

Every once in awhile I browse Kickstarter looking for cool projects by Austin inventors. That’s how I stumbled upon Zimmer Barnes’ Apollo Armband Solar Generator project. He came up with the idea of the solar armband generator while he had a broken arm. He rigged up a solar panel to the cast to create a […]

The revival of Leisure Suit Larry thanks to Austin-based Replay Games

It looks like Leisure Suit Larry will make a comeback in the 21st century. On Kickstarter, Austin-based Replay Games has raised more than $600,000 exceeding its goal of $500,000 to remake the popular game from 1987. It has 13,610 backers showing that Leisure Suit Larry is still in demand. Al Lowe, the game’s original developer, […]

Austin inventors created “The Mounty” and now seek funding on Kickstarter

On Kickstarter, Casey Hopkins of Portland, Oregon, set out to raise $75,000 to create the Elevation Dock for the iPhone. He ended up raising $1,464,706 from 12,521 backers. He saw a problem. He found a solution. And the marketplace responded with a huge demand for his product. He was one of the first companies to […]

NewTek’s Philip Nelson’s kickstarter CD project

Philip Nelson is best known in the San Antonio high-tech community as a marketing executive with NewTek, a company which makes special effects software for the movie and TV industry. NewTek also makes the Tricaster, a portable TV studio in a little black box that lots of media outlets, bloggers, companies and schools use for […]